(For Action Proposal #003's Step 3) Have you executed the Option 2 (i.e. Throw 1800 "darts" to fasten the demise of Syed Hamid Albar)?

(For Action Proposal #003's Step 3) How many friends and family members execute the Option 2 directly because of your influence?

(For Action Proposal #003's Step 3) Are you likely to participate in future civil right actions from this blog site using the 1-2-3 Step scheme?

(For Action Proposal #003's Step 2 Poll) After considering your own situation and effect to be achieved, which Option will you choose:

Status and Actions

Updated Oct 10:
Status: Kick start the Action Proposal #003's Step 1.
Actions Needed: Everyone to read, comment, and debate the proposal.

Updated Oct 14:
Status: Approaching Action Proposal #003's Step 2 Deadline (i.e. 10 PM Oct 15)
Malaysia Today has posted this Action Proposal #003 today. You might want to check its comment sections for analysis related to feasibility, impact, and risk of all Options before finalizing your vote.
Action Needed: Please cast your vote if you have not done so.

Updated Oct 15:
Status: We have decided to push Step 2 deadline from Oct 15 to Oct 17 to allow translated version of the proposal to reach non-English speakers. All subsequent dates have been pushed out two day and are updated in the proposal.
Action Needed: Subscribe to Malaysia Civil Right Action group (if you have not done so) in order to receive action reminders.

Updated Oct 16:
Status: We now have Chinese translation for Action Proposal #003. Seek future Bahasa Malaysia translators.

Updated Oct 17:
Status: Poll Closed. Option 2 get the highest score!
Action needed: Everyone to prepare to execute Option 2 which runs from Oct 18 -23.

Updated Oct 19:
Status: Executing Option 2 as part of Step 3. Posted "We Have Made A Promise" which is also re-posted in MT.
Action needed: Everyone to execute Option 2. At the mean time, please store the article/news/commentary that you think can be a good "ammunition" for executing the Option 2 in the common depository, from which others can use to execute the Option 2.

Updated Oct 22:
Status: Post-Action poll made available (on the top). Malaysia Today posted content of the Option 2.
Action needed: Everyone to take post-action poll once done with executing the Option 2, which will end on Oct 23.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Call for Synchronized Action To Help RPK (Action Proposal No. 001)

(Sep 26 2008 Update: This Action Proposal #001 is expired, please check the main page for currently active actions)
Kudos to RPK for upholding his ideals and principles consistently.

It pains me to think someone who upholds justice with peaceful means is arrested without trial. I think the nation is crying for you. We cry, but we shall be calm, and find ways to prevail.

I would like to propose a synchronized action to help RPK as well as to advance the people power for a stronger civil society. Before I layout my proposal, I would like to acknowledge the more effective contribution done many men and women at the front lines - those who are at the trenches risking their well being and freedom in defending the people. My proposal below is designed to help RPK and civil right advancement in a small but specific way.

I would like to start with characterizing our opponent, and help us have a clearer picture of who are we dealing with. While we might be passionate and emotional as the event unfolds, we should maintain our cool heads in analyzing our opponent. I wish our comments on this call-for-action article will also be cool-headed.We shall define our opponent as the current BN-UMNO regime.
We shall define ourselves as Anak Bangsa Malaysia who subscribe to the 1998 Permatang Pauh's Declaration. Among us, we have two rather distinct groups, one is more structured Pakatan Rakyat as political opposition, and another is more loosely organized people such as bloggers, readers, and common people. This call-for-action will be focus on later "us" who are less organized. We shall use "Our Opponent" to refer to BN-UMNO regime as a way to conduct cool-headed analysis and actions.
The Objective of Proposed Synchronized Action
The objective is to reduce the ferocity of the ruthlessness of the ruling regime in strangulating the right of the people. Saving RPK, an iconic figure, will be the rallying cry to achieve the objective.

All the subsequent analysis, including the strength and weakness of our opponent, shall be done based on the above objective.

The Strength of Our Opponent
Our opponent has the tight grip of state instruments; Our opponent strongest strength is its near complete control of police force for countering the political opponents as well as the dissidents from common people. That strength is in full displayed when Our Opponents detain RPK under ISA, and completely shut up the most influential blogger of the nation. The other yet exercised state instrument well inside Our Opponent pocket is the authority to declare state of emergency. Our capability to counter the above two state instrument is indeed very limited up to this point.

Many might have despise Our Opponent's making use of racial and religious sentiment. However, all truth be told, we might have to recognize Our Opponents' gut in making use of racial sentiment as one of their strongest strength. Even if we might think AAB himself have not subscribed to racial politic, I think we should assume Ahmad Ismail incident which attracts 13 division heads' support for his racial remark, shows, in no-uncertain term, that they are high level leaders, with enough political power, in UMNO-BN, who are ready to "divide and conquer" whenever the situation is ripe. Some of those leaders in Our Opponent camp are ready to sacrifice the people well being and future for mere political end -- this statement should not be read as condemnation but as a way to recognize the reality. Our capability to counter the UMNO-BN strength in making use of race and religion can not be overly estimated even with the presence of Internet. An example of the Our Opponents strength is that they are still capable of marshaling state religious institutions to blast RPK before they rein in with ISA arrest; We might not want to under-estimate the influence of those religion institutions on general public, especially those without access to Internet.

The Weaknesses of Our Opponent
I think the most glaring weaknesses of Our Opponent is the lacking of idea for rallying the people. Good proposals and ideas from Our Opponents are few and far in-between.

In the past 51 years, Our Opponent had slowly lost its ideal and vision. While it is not clear whether the money political causes the lost of ideal or the lost of ideal causes money political, it is clear that we can hardly find a leader from Our Opponent to expound hope and visions for the people. It should not be a surprise that public gatherings by Our Opponent can no longer be glued together with ideal and hopes, but by fear and defensiveness, as shown in ITuM protest, series of "post-mortem" meetings after March 8, and recently, Ahmad Ismail's press conferences and on-going "road tours".

What motivate Our Opponent
Without ideal and vision, Our Opponent can only be motivated by very few things: The greed for power and money. The greed of power includes the unstoppable desire to hold on power with despicable means such as ISA arrests and lies. The greed for power and money exhibits both the strength and weaknesses of Our Opponent.

Our Strengths
Our strongest strength is that there are many of us, which amount to hundred of thousands, if not millions.

We have one abstract but highly valuable strength, and this is our ideal and vision, as inscribed in 1998's Permatang Pauh's Declaration, and as re-iterated and expounded innumerable time in different words in the cyber space. Those ideal and vision, while cannot be realized over-night, are powerful "thing" that glues us together. The ideal and vision are bound to produce creative ideas if we were given appropriate ecology to nurture them.

Another strength in our pocket is our connectedness through the cyber space. Amazing Internet is a heck of good fault-tolerance system; Attempt to shutdown Malaysia Today fails to remove our connectedness. Instant communication in cyber space is both additive and empowering. We are also connected not only within the border of Malaysia; We are connected everywhere in the world. The power of such connectedness can hardly be over-estimated.

Our Weaknesses
While there are many of us, each of us is highly vulnerable to state power. This weaknesses is self-evident as shown in the arrest of RPK and Teresa Kok; The arrests are easily executed despite RPK as highly popular and respected blogger, and Teresa Kok being the people representative with formal mandate. Our vulnerability is even more visible when we realize that all we can do to save the detainees is through begging the authority -- because ISA is not subject to judicial review and no judge can undo the ISA detention without himself violating the laws of the land.

In the cyber space, we are not structurally organized. Our distributed nature is the source of our creativity, but it is also our glaring weakness in asserting focused pressure. Without the mean for focusing pressure, we are quite helpless in asserting our civil right.

The Call For Action

Taking account the above analysis, I have created the 1-2-3-Step to help release RPK:

Step 1: Post Call-For-Action Proposal and Comments

I, serve as the author of this proposal, posted this article.
Everyone please analyze and post your comments on the action options contained in the Step 2. Please feel free to comment any other areas in the article.
However, you are not allowed to change the actions list because the changes will invalid the vote result. However, I or someone can in the future raise another proposal to cover good actions not currently listed.

Step 2: Please votes on the following actions:

Option 1: Flood PM office with phone call around the clock

This option requires us to make calls to PM office. PM Office Phones are: 03-8888-8000 / 03-8888-8032. Let's coordinating the calls so that it goes round clock for 2 days. Use the first letter of your first name; And mapped it to the hour starting from 00:00 AM. That is, the hour 00:00 is for those with first name starts with letter "A" to make the calls. 01:00 for letter "B", and so on. Let's start the calls at 1 PM Sep 22 (Monday), and our last call at 1 PM, Sep 24
Effect: There should be some psychological impacts if we have thousand of calls. PM secretary might tell AAB: "Lines are flooded with demand to release RPK the whole day; Statistic shows we have 10,000 calls today..." . It will be even better if the phone system is simply shutdown accidentally or deliberately (by the PM staffs)-- then we can report it here and possibly make it a news.

Option 2: Send synchronized emails to PM Office
This option requires us to send email at the exact time. The PM office email is ppm@pmo.gov.my. We need to send email at exactly 10 AM Sep 23.
Effect: The sheer number of emails should have some psychological impact. The secretary might report to PM: "I received 20000 emails all within 5 minutes, and they all ask for releasing RPK. Can I just delete all of them?".

Option 3: Flood calls to Deputy IGP Ismail Omar's office
The option requires us to call the Acting IGP Ismail Omar through Bukit Aman phone number 03-2262-6222. When you call, you of course will be directed to his staff but you probably should start with "May I speak with Tan Sri Omar directly please, ..." to show that you mean business. Let's coordinating the calls so that it goes round clock for 2 days. Use the first letter of your first name; And mapped it to the hour starting from 00:00 AM. That is, the hour 00:00 is for those with first name starts with letter "A" to make the calls. 01:00 for letter "B", and so on. Let's start the calls at 1 PM Sep 22 (Monday), and our last call at 1 PM, Sep 24

Option 4: No action for now
You might want to choose this option if you think the other options are not appropriate or effective.

Please cast you vote here by 11 AM Sep 22 (Monday) here: http://malaysiacivilright.blogspot.com/
(At the right hand column).

When you cast your vote, please assume you are committed to execute the action that you plan to vote. Otherwise, you should just vote "No action for now".

Step 3: Everyone executes the action with the highest score
Please come back to check the scored votes after noon Sep 22 (Monday) at http://malaysiacivilright.blogspot.com/ (At the right hand column); I will close the poll by then.
In order to make the maximum impact, you are highly recommended to execute the action with the highest score even though you have not voted the highest score action.

My fellow Malaysians,
This is time for action with the 1-2-3 Step above, let's roll!
The clock is ticking while RPK is languishing in the jail!
You need to believe the future is in your hands before you can shape your future.

Note 1: If the above format of asking for synchronized action works well in cyber space, we could make use of it's framework for other purpose going forward.
Note 2: The above action alone is not likely to release RPK; So, executing the action above should not be an excuse not to do other things that can help releasing RPK.


RitchieLow said...

Aiyo ShiouLoh,

You need to get this to enough people 1st la, Sep 19 too close to get the requisite numbers. Extend the dateline to say a week later ?

Meantime, I had sent to a list of people I know to get it going too. Do the exponential growth email list thinggy and it could reach millions of people who care.

Shiou Loh said...


You are right that we have not get the article to the masses. I had bet on MT to consider publish it in MT blog which has many readers. I will heed your advise to extend the deadline; But I think we cannot extend it to 1 week because people tend to forget the action needed by then. Let me extend it next Monday, and give ourselves some room for creating the publicity.

Avaaz said...

Shiou Loh
Hey,you know most of us Malaysians are a lazy lot, how about we get a template done for the letter, then fax it out, do it similar to what People's Parliament did for the Letter to the MP to vote against the extention of the tenure of the Election Commissioner. We sent it to the MP and emailed to PP.

galadriel said...

Brilliant move. Now how can I help?

shar101 said...

Good work Shiou Loh.

Deadline - Monday 22nd Sept?

Will highlight at my blog plus I trust you'll coordinate with Haris and M-T for the wider coverage.

And errr.. can you do something about 'kodus' lah? Hehehe!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Shiou, im jeffrey from Sabah. Let's go for it, i will email this and also put it into my blog. Let's fight them, in our way, in our term.

Shiou Loh said...

Hi! Avaaz,
It will certainly help to create some examples. Feel free to post them in this blog.

At the end of polling (Monday 11AM), I could refer people to any examples they can use. This of course is needed only when the Option 2 is voted in.

Shiou Loh said...



The deadline of polling is 11 AM Monday, Sep 22.

We will choose one of the four action as per the vote result.

Shiou Loh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shiou Loh said...

Dear galadriel,

Send it to your friends.

Recommend it to MT blogs or other blogs which have large readers base.

Shiou Loh said...

The poll will close by 11 AM Monday as planned. We have a high chance to collectively selected the Option 1, i.e. flood call to PM office. Stay tune for final poll result on 11 AM Monday and preparation to be announced soon.

Note the deleted comment above is actually comment from me; I thought of correcting some grammar and repost the corrected one.

Anonymous said...

I can imagine myself calling the PM office, and say "Inilash perkara yong cemas. Saya nak cakap the perdana menteri. Keselamatan saya tidak diancami oleh Raja Petra. Keselamatan kawan-kawan and orang disekeling saya juga tidak diancami oleh Raja Petra. Bebas Raja Petra! Kalau tidak, perdana menteri akan terus dihinakan oleh kawan-kwan saya. Kalau tiday perdana menteri akan dianggap sebagai "penjenayah sejarah". Jangan syok sendiri dengan kuasa kerajaan sekarang.

hentam said...

I would hope to see more votes being casted. However, if we think those who cast, even though are relatively small number, are more committed "activists", from which we could build our base. May be we should create a poll for measuring the effect of executing the Step 3 action -- whatever the impact, small or big, should provide a feedback on how to proceed next time.
Get ready for Monday's action.

Shiou Loh said...

From the vote counts, we might have about 5 calls per hour; and 25 call per hour if we each enlist 5 friends.

During calls, If you found the PM phone lines are busy or simply disconnected because his staffs are sick and tired of our calls, I wonder if that enables us to contact news agency claiming there is news of significance -- i.e. people voices up to the point that PM phone line is no longer usable. It will be even great if the news agency such as MalaysiaKini takes the opportunity to list the PM phone numbers in their website/newspapers - that shall ensure even more calls to the PM office. Any volunteers for news makers? The news makers could provide info and direction on how we could report the call problem to all news agencies, and those of us encounter call problems can individually report to the news agencies.

Any volunteers for news makers?

rl said...

I call many times (~1 AM) and finally get through, and here is the conversation:

me: Ini perkara cemas. Bolehkah saya cakap the perdana menteri? Saya rakyat Malaysia, dia peminpin saya.

Operator: Office tutoplah. Boleh panggil besok?

me: Ini perkara cemas mengenai Raja Petra.

Operator: Office dah tutoplah.

me: Apa nombor boleh saya guna besok?

Operator: [03-8888]-8074.

me: Terima kasih.

Alright! The hunt begins. I am going to call the new phone number tomorrow beside that in the orginal aritcle (Proposal Action No 001).

J said...

Dear Shiou Loh

Thanks for the effort in trying to do something abt RPK.

Like you, I strongly believe that RPK should not be detained under ISA. Many Malaysians have similar feelings. However, this is not reflected in the mere 22,000 signatures in Petition!

Your proposal looks like a good format of being more directive (yet letting people make choice/comments within a more finite set of options). However, there are 2 flaws.

Firstly, the time is too short for people to respond ... just a short few days (imagine that we only managed 22k signatures after 2-3 weeks). Secondly, it doesn't have the audience (probably a few hundred?).

Efforts needs to be more concerted -- right now, people do not know what they are supposed to do to voice their protests. Apart from the petition, I believe that there are many different efforts by different parties (e.g. http://malaysiacivilright.blogspot.com/, the Hartal, the petition, etc). My suggestion is to get a few of the most popular bloggers to jointly agree on just 1-2 actions. Then, all should put in effort to bring Malaysians to act in a concerted way. We need to show the Govt that there are strong numbers!

Furthermore, it cannot be targeted just at English blogsites. It needs to reach out to Bahasa and other vernacular sites,

Lastly, keep up good efforts!

Shiou Loh said...

Hi! j,

Thank for sharing your thoughts.

You hit nail at the head when you mention of bahasa participants. We surely cannot affort to ignore the majority race, otherwise this will not be a civil right movement in the first place.

I noted your mention of lack user traffic. I did contact Haris as well as MT other admin, and so far do not have luck to get their attention. They could be busy. In a burst of energy, I created this blog site and the related google group. I will ponder on how to drive the civil right movement in a way it is a movement truly reflecting the aspiration of the people -- something that I do not really think of when I launched the blog site to only put the article on.

Why don't we all join the google group (http://groups.google.com/group/malaysiacivilrightactions) so that I have a hold on sending you reminders for action as well as discussing strategy planning.
I am now looking into civil movement of the likes of moveon.org.

Richie suggeston on chain email is a big potential to draw membership to the group; However, that will require a very well written article/attraction.

Remember to share your stories of calling PM! We could build some base, and later collaborate with MT or Haris when they got a chance to "breath".

Anonymous said...

A suggestion: Tie A Yellow Ribbon.

To your motorcycle, car, house, shop, whatever.

Resolve to patronise only shops and businesses that do the same.

Make it a daily affair and spread the action from the electronic world to the real economy where it really matters.

E.g. if a bank does not hang one at each of their branches but another does, close your account with the former and open one with the latter.

Give your money to the ones that are with you.


Anonymous said...

we can stop paying our taxes. let the cronies bankrupt

Anonymous said...

Good idea but I just got to read this today Wednesday 24th coz it was linked to MT. We need to repeat this again and perhaps extend the deadline. Next week cuti Raya starts.... so what u guys think?

shiok liau said...

Brother loh,

You think easy ah?

Who are these RPK supporters anyway? How many of them? Do you think everyone who reads MT support his views? RPK-haters read MT too, to keep an eye on him and his groupie. And some people visit MT 20-25 times a day. Hence, the "hits" are inflated and do not reflect reality.

Oh BTW, the PM's office, Dep. IGP's office and all govt. offices have the latest CLIP software. You call at 1am and they will know YOU the caller instantly. You think the govt. is stupid? Easily held captive by phonecalls 24/7?

Same thing with fax and e-mails. Your IP address (even if you're in some internet cafe or Starbucks) will stick out like dog's balls. The SB and Military Intelligence will swoop down on you faster than you can cry to mummy for help!

RPK is gone.

He won't see daylight for many yrs. This poor man has been manipulated by anonymous cyberwarriors hiding under momma's bed and now he pays for it big time.

There's one more option: MIGRATE out mah!

Ashleigh said...

Thanks a lot for the great idea. Unfortunately, I think this call has not reached sufficient mass. I frequent MT and several popular sites, such as the People's parliament, almost on daily basis and sometimes a few times a day, but have only come across this message today!

Now that RPK has been sent to Kamunting for 2 years, if you were to call for another round of action and allow more time to reach a bigger mass, the impact would be more deafening.

Will come back here to check if there's another round of action. Will surely participate!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why don't all of you bloggers come together and work as one instead of each doing his own thing?
Instead of firing sporadic small bullets at enemy why not combine forces and shoot them a canon?

Anonymous said...

You need time to rally people. I only knew of this blog 5 minutes ago.

Anonymous said...

so complicated!
i am a good reader but the longwinded actions make them so difficult to follow.

Instructions should be short, easy, just click here, click there, done.

By the time i finished reading, i don't know what to do.

And yes, it is too short a time to mobilise everyone to take action.

As with the proposed Hartal ISA by Haris, this action will only work if we have many participants.

IT is a good idea though. I'm still blur as to whether the intiative is on or not? I am G so do i call at 6am tomorrow or have i missed the boat?

boh tong said...

So confusing and longwinded ur post until I blur like sotong *shake head*

Shiou Loh said...

Dear Boh Tong & annoymous at 3:25 PM,

Feedback taken.

Anonymous said...

Hehe... PM half the time not at office. Dunno whether he bothered to read email. You think IGP so disciplined to be in office and check mail meh???

Anonymous said...


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Past Polls of Action Proposal #002

Here is the past poll results:

(For Action Proprosal #002's Step 2 Poll) After considering your own situation and effect to be achieved, which Option will you choose:

(Post-Action Poll For Action Proposal #002) Have you executed the Option 2, i.e. Wear "Free RPK" T-Shirt to PM Hari Raya Aidilfitri Open House ?

(Post-Action Poll For Action Proposal #002) How many friends and family members execute the Option 2 directly because of your influence?

(Post-Action Poll For Action Proposal #002) Are you likely to participate in future civil right actions from this blog site using the 1-2-3 Step scheme?

Past Polls for Action Proposal #001

Here is past poll results:

Which action you think is the most effective to help releasing RPK from ISA?

Are you likely to participate in future civil right actions from this blog site using the 1-2-3 Steps scheme?

Have you executed the Option 1 which runs from 1 PM Sep 22 to 1 PM Sep 24?